From the end of  FACE 2019, we have been planning for FACE 2020 around the theme of ‘Decolonisation, Intellectual Pan-Africanism and the Future of the Multiversity.’ At the start of March 2020, everything was more or less in place, with only the UCU industrial action slowing things down slightly. We had speakers agreed, enough funding, a good venue, and all other logistics either agreed upon or nearly agreed upon. Then covid happened and we had to readjust. We had the option of postponing till 2021, but after some encouragement, we decided to make the best use possible of the online space afforded for FACE 2020.

Since this decision, the Pan-African community has had to digest the news of the disproportionate impact of covid on Black people and communities. Not only in death but also in life. Belly Mujinga. Disproportionate lockdown policing. Then the gruesome manifestation from the USA of how Black lives are continually made to unmatter. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd. Yet we move.

Our hope is to create a welcoming space to continue the work we have been doing – having necessary conversations and calls for action – more so now. We move.

Therefore, FACE 2020 will hold from the 22nd to the 26th of June 2020 as a series of lunchtime talks. Register here.

A Reminder of Who We Are

Forever Africa Conference and Events (FACE) is a Pan-African initiative brought together by staff and students at the University of Bristol. It has an interdisciplinary, cross-sector, intergenerational, intercommunity, intercontinental vision to dialogue for the purpose bringing change through cooperation. Organisation of FACE relies on a vibrant student volunteer group as well as support and guidance from an International Advisory Committee. FACE was established in 2017.

FACE 2020 is an opportunity for us to build on our previous conferences and reflect on the future of Pan-Africanism in the context of our lives, the university, decolonisation and knowledge. Our online events are scheduled as follows:

Seminar 1 – Monday the 22nd of June, 12 noon.

Vision and aims of FACE – A Webinar and Q&A with Dr Foluke Adebisi. This is an opportunity to revisit the aims of FACE with the founder and director of FACE. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-27 at 13.00.39
Foluke Adebisi



Foluke Ifejola Adebisi is a Senior Lecturer at the Law School, University of Bristol whose scholarship focuses on decolonial thought in legal education.




Seminar 2 – Tuesday the 23rd of June, 12 noon.

An online discussion about the outcome document from FACE 2019 [copies will be available here soon] – A conversation with Dr Furaha Asani and Yentyl Williams on lessons and next steps for our community.

furaha - Copy
Furaha Asani



Furaha Asani is a postdoctoral researcher, teacher, mental health advocate, writer, and precarious migrant with a passion for science pedagogy and bioethics.





Aisha Thomas


Aisha Thomas is a law graduate, an Assistant Principal at City Academy and a Specialist Leader in Education for EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) and Community. Aisha has also joint forces with Bristol Old Vic and Bristol Music Trust to launch the Bristol One Curriculum. 2018 saw Aisha partner with the BCC to present a documentary for Inside Out West, re the lack of Black teachers in Bristol. Check out her Tedtalk.





University of Bristol FACE2018
Sheila Bamugemereire

Sheila Bamugemereire is an LPC LLM candidate and graduate of the University of Bristol whose primary interests lie in how the theory and praxis of marginalised communities can help us imagine a better world. She is an avid reader, occasional writer and quarantine baker.



Seminar 3 – Wednesday the 24th of June, 12 noon.

A conversation about the themes of FACE 2021. A conversation with Professor Babatunde Fagbayibo and Dr Edson Burton around the themes in picture below. We will also be making an open invitation to contribute on these themes to our website online. The contributions can be in form of: blog posts, spoken word, poetry, photo-essays etc. 

Prof B Fagbayibo
Babatunde Fagbayibo


Babatunde Fagbayibo is a professor of Law at the University of South Africa. His research primarily focuses on the politico-legal development of continental supranationalism in Africa.




Edson Burton


Edson Burton is a writer, historian, curator, performer and member of Come The Revolution. He is based in Bristol. His academic specialisms include: Bristol and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Black History in the USA, Cultural continuities between Africa & the New World.





Among other themes, Edson and Babatunde will be in conversation on the following:

face 2021 themes


Seminar 4 – Thursday the 25th of June, 12 noon.

An introduction to the Sankofa [Cape-Cairo by road] trip – in conversation with Lerato Mogoatlhe, traveller and author of ‘Vagabond: Wandering through Africa on faith.’ The Sankofa trip is something we at FACE have been planning for a while. This is an opportunity to hear more about the reasons and visions behind it, as well as have a conversation with someone who has travelled the continent herself.

Lerato Mogoatlhe


Lerato Mogoatlhe is a journalist based in Johannesburg. She has visited over 14 African countries. She has also lived in Ethiopia, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya and Mali among others.





Seminar 5 – Friday the 26th of June, 12 noon.

FACE Pius Adesanmi Memorial Student Award for Outstanding Pan-Africanism – Preview of Finalists and Announcement of Award. This award recognises student(s) who have made a substantial contribution to the Pan-African community anywhere in the world. We have some really amazing student finalists for this award. This will be an opportunity to meet them and learn about the work they have done. They will all receive vouchers in recognition of their contributions.

Below are our finalists in no particular order:

Details for joining and participation will be sent to registered attendees ahead of each date. SO PLEASE REGISTER.

Events will be recorded.

Tickets are free, but please consider donating to one or all of the following if you can:

The Free Black University a hub for radical and transformative knowledge production

Fundraising for Belly Mujjinga’s 11 year old daughter

Fundraising for Chadwick Jackson

The work of Racial Justice Network

We are looking forward to you joining us. Dress code is still Pan-African.


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